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Mindit trains salespeople, key account managers, team leaders and sales managers as well as those in the organization who need to become more sales oriented, such as technicians, consultants and project managers.

We summarize our values ​​in PASSION, VALUE and SIMPLICITY. Our passion lies in creating results and in constantly pushing the boundaries for our customers and for ourselves. Our goal is to always add great value and we emphasize the importance of being easy to deal with – on all levels.

Our vision is to challenge the education industry. Join us on the journey!

Our values

  • Passion
  • Value
  • Simplicity

We design educations that produce results

Think BIG – act small. We started Mindit to challenge ourselves and the education industry. We exist for individuals, teams & organizations who want to move forward and make a lasting difference that is felt & felt.

Our vision is to challenge the education industry with the best interests of our customers in mind. We think BIG and believe in the attitude to get a little better every day. It’s our way of making the world a better place. Organization for organization, individual by individual.

  • Mindit was founded in 1999
  • Until 2016, the company was a part of the training company MGruppen – The Swedish Management Group
  • We have more than 60 contracted lecturers and around 10 employed trainers
  • We train globally with trainers from all Nordic countries and our head office is in Stockholm
  • Since Mindit became an independent company, it has been one of the industry’s fastest growing companies

Sales & Marketing team

We summarize our values ​​in PASSION, VALUE and SIMPLICITY. Our driving force is to produce results and we are passionate about development. Our goal is for it to be easy to work with us, on all levels. We know that if we add value, everyone will be a winner. When we ask our customers why they work with us, we often get the answer – YOUR COMMITMENT. Our vision is to revolutionize the education industry.

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The training team

We are extremely proud and grateful to work with and being able to offer you the absolute foremost educators in the field of sales development. We are very careful with who we choose to work with because we know that the educator is in many ways crucial to the experience and ultimately, for the result you get from the effort.

All of our trainers have extensive personal experience of sales, sales management and training. This means that you will have a skilled educator who really understands your reality.

We often hear that the educators are distinguished by their great commitment and focus on creating lasting results for our customers.

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Our training methodology

We work with lifelike education where we alternate theories, training, discussion and reflection. Together with you, we develop and document a “b3est practice” approach throughout the sales process. For example, it can be about developing a valuable battery of questions and arguments or about documenting how to effectively handle your customers particular objections. Always in mind of supporting you and the group in transferring what you have learned to your specific activities and everyday life.

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Educations that produce results

80% of all training efforts are wasted money

Virtually everyone we meet wants to develop and train their staff, but they experience an uncertainty of what the results will be. Because even if you don’t know about the research that 80% of all education investments are a waste of money from an ROI perspective, you probably know how difficult it is to turn inspiration and knowledge into action – to actually take action on the amazing things we learned. Many people choose to ignore facts, but that does not stop them from being true. Instead, we embrace the facts to ensure that our customers belong to the 20% who actually get results from their investments.

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Our specialty is our ability to understand your business, goals and challenges. We’re here to help you inspire, educate and challenge your team to succeed.

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Mindit supports the important work of counteracting drugs.

Drugs shatter dreams, relationships, families and lives. Young people today are more vulnerable than ever and drugs are creeping into all parts of our lives and contexts. Informing young people about the reverse side of drugs in their own language is a very effective way to inspire a drug-free lifestyle. The organization I SAY NO DRUGS visits schools all over the country and influences young people in the right direction.


Download our app INSIKT (INSIGHT) for free and listen to Alex and his journey from a life in drugs to a life with meaning and purpose. Download the app on the App Store or Google Play. The password is: Droginfo.

Work at Mindit

We started Mindit to challenge ourselves and the education industry. We exist for individuals, teams & organizations who want to move forward and make a lasting difference that is noticed & felt.

Young spirit and senior mind. We are a team of experienced people with the vision of revolutionizing the education industry, with the best interests of our customers in mind.

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