Our training methodology

You don’t want an education!

What you want is a cultural, behavioral development and for skills to transfer. There are many training companies out there but few that can help you move towards your set goals. We design development initiatives that create results based on your unique team, challenges and goals. We work with realistic training where we alternate theories, training, discussion and reflection.

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Sales development method

The overall competence of your team is always higher than the individual. Mindit Way of Selling is our unique sales development method that is more goal-oriented and more focused on change, compared to traditional methods / training. Way of Selling is about identifying, agreeing on, documenting and training the team on a “best practice” approach through the sales process. It can e.g. cover how we should work with customer base management, what questions we ask in the needs analysis or how we should concretely present and argue for our offer.

An elaborate Way of Selling means that your team raises its lowest level and performes as a united front towards the market. For you as a sales manager, this means an increased probability that the team will reach the set goals, while at the same time it will be easier and more efficient to coach and onboard new sales people. For your company, this means that you become less individual-dependent and vulnerable as more people in the team contribute at a higher level and not least that you increase the company’s human and structural capital with a documented sales process and a proven way of working.

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