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Elizabeth Del 1 5923 16 9B 1

Expert in needs

Lecturer: Elizabeth Kuylenstierna

Elizabeth Del 1 5923 16 9B 1

Elizabeth Kuylenstierna has a passion to make a difference. Few do it with such breadth and depth as Elizabeth. She is an author, lecturer, therapist, coach and trainer. The common thread is to understand yourself and your own needs and also to understand others and their needs. In the lecture EXPERT IN NEEDS, you will get supplementary studies in the right understanding of the needs of others in order to create good, dynamic and interesting relationships. Step one is to understand yourself, but if you want to get really professional in your relationships, you need to go a step further and really start to get interested in your counterpart, which can be a customer, a colleague or anyone you meet. Elizabeth describes her own journey as going from black and white to color TV. Do you want to face the world in color, then you should take the chance to enjoy one of Sweden’s authorities in these areas and of course

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