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Lecturer: John Steinberg

john steinberg portratt fot0887

John Steinberg, Ph. D. is the author of 40 books about leadership, training, communication and learning. He is originally from Rochester, New York but works from his outpost near Stockholm, Sweden. John’s life theme is empowerment. His writing and lecturing give tools and principles for getting everyone involved in workplace development. Originally trained as an educational psychologist he has a deep passion for learning, schooling and competence development. John is an inspiring and practical public speaker, trainer and management consultant.

The lecture INTREPREURSHIP challenges the traditional way of looking at employment. John describes how entrepreneurial activities inside the organization enable great potential of development and engagement. He explains how to find and encourage Intrepreneurs. The content also includes topics as strengths in doing what you are good at and daring to give space for initiatives. The lecture inspires and challenges you to look at your employment from a new and different perspective that might increase your results and add joy into your work. As a leader you will learn how to develop your team in an exciting and dynamic way, enhancing the competitive edge.

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