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“We felt that we had a need to gather all the expertise that was available from our sales representatives and out in the stores. We wanted to make it easier to manage and lead the team and at the same time give sales representatives a solid framework and clear expectations.”

“For a year now, we have been working on Paulig Way of Selling. It will be a guide for all stages in the sales process, from sales start and planning to implementation and follow-up.
It is about best practice in whatwe should do, but also about howwe work together with each other and with our customers. For example, to always have a winning attitude. We work with full-time training where Mindit acts as a guide and provides some of the theory, but it is we at Paulig who do the work. “

“Paulig Way of Selling will be a tool for sales reps during the five sales periods of the year. When each period is planned, we use these tools. It will also be a way for regional managers to work with each sales representative based on best practice. As a sales rep, it will clarify my expectations. and my mission. “

“The very process of working together with the sales teams to develop best practice boosts energy and reflection. We hope it will lead to increased efficiency and profitability over time.”

// Peter Colliander
Country Manager Retail Sweden, Paulig

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