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Amelie featured

Amelie Lagerkvist

Amelie featured

Curiosity, commitment and goal focus are three words that characterize Amelie, which led to her successfully working as KAM, Sales Manager, Vice President, conducted Ultramarathon and extreme kayaking in the Stockholm archipelago. Amelie lives by the motto: “Nothing is so well done that it can’t be improved upon”. Development – the measurable, the impressionable has always attracted her, hence the interest in sales became great. As people doing business with each other, communication, collaboration, group development and personal leadership have become one of Amelie’s most important topics alongside sales. When you meet Amelie, you are engaged from the first to the last second thanks to her pedagogical, positive and “lovingly challenging” way where the goal is always in focus.

Amelie is a certified coach, licensed mental trainer and has successfully coached over 200 managers and supported many management teams to clarify goals, strategy, culture and values. And she has successfully trained hundreds of salespeople, specialists, customer service employees who want to succeed and achieve new results. Amelie is also an appreciated and frequently hired lecturer on goals and motivation.

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