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Training description

Strengthen the communicative ability through increased self-insight and understanding of others.

Are you a fact-oriented blue profile. Or a yellow that creates enthusiasm around you. Or maybe more red and results-oriented or a typical green team player?

More and more people are discovering the behavioral and communication analysis DiSC, which is now one of the world’s most used tools for describing a person’s behavioral profile. By getting to know our own behavioral profile, we can better understand and meet the needs of others and communicate more effectively. The areas of use are everything from sales, teams and leadership development, but also for one’s own self-leadership.

”Inspiring education that gave many aha-experiences, laughter and insights that I and the group will benefit greatly from both internally and externally!” – MAGNUS MELLIN, MANAGER ELTEL

You learn:

This is a course that strengthens your self-awareness and increases your understanding of others. Everything in order to become more efficient in your communication and in meeting others. Regardless of whether it is about the meeting with the customer, supplier, colleagues, employees or manager. You get insights and practical tools that you can easily translate into your own business and everyday life. In the course, teaching, fun examples and discussions are interspersed with practical exercises.

Course content:

  • The map image – are we based on the same reality?
  • Why do you click with some and not others?
  • About the DiSC personality profile tool
  • Your communicative strengths and your development potential
  • The influence of personality on our communication and motivation
  • Effective communication by adapting to the recipient
  • The art of creating trust and personal chemistry
  • Increased motivation and drive by understanding their values and driving forces


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