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Right mental attitude

Lecturer: Jörgen Oom

Jorgen oom 2015 3 scaled sv 1

Jorgen Oom is specialized in motivation, communication and attitude-change. His experience is from the sport and business arena. From working with mental training, with top athletes including several Olympic gold medalists and Wimbledon winners, he has created methods of how to establish winning attitudes and peak performance also in business organizations. Jorgen Oom has a vast experience of attitude-change after having worked for more than 20 years in more than 20 different countries with more than 200 different companies. In the lecture RMA – Right Mental Attitude, Jorgen inspires and challenges on how to relate to negative and positive attitudes. What impact does RMA have on the organization? Is pride good? How much is it up to me? Jorgen Oom develops these topics and several more in a humorous and inspiring way.

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