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Sales leader of the month November 2021

Peter Colliander, Country Manager Retail Sweden, Paulig

Paulig is doing really well, tell us about it!
– Our product brands Risenta and Santa Maria have done very well. The entire Tex-Mex category has been a success story, and it continues to grow. Flavoring and spices are the heart of the business and of course play a big role in success. We have had an enormous focus on taste and product development. To always improve a little bit, is a motto.

What has been the recipe for success in the sales process so far?
– When I started at Paulig, the company felt like a rebellious teenager – they dared to challenge everything! And even though the company is now more mature, it still has this attitude of being hungry and wanting to challenge. We take nothing for granted and constantly work to take small steps and make everything a little better.

What is the next step in sales development?
– We felt that we had a need to gather all the expertise that was available from our sales people and out in the store. We wanted to make it easier to manage and lead the team and at the same time give sales people a clearer framework and expectations.

What are you doing right now?

– For a year now, we have therefore been working on Paulig Way of Selling. It will be a guide for all stages in the sales process, from sales start including planning to implementation and follow-up.
It is about best practice in whatwe should do, but also about howwe work together with each other and with our customers. For example, to always have a winning attitude. We work with full-time training where Mindit guides us and is responsible for some of the theory, but it is we at Paulig who do the work.

How will you use this new tool?

– Paulig Way of Selling will be a tool for salespeople during the year’s five sales periods. When each period is to be planned, we base the work on these tools. It will also be a way for regional managers to work with each salesperson based on best practice. As a salesperson, this will clarify the expectations of me and my assignment.

What effects can you notice already?
– Just the actual process of working together with the sales force to develop best practice gives you a lot of energy and good thoughts. We hope that it will lead to increased efficiency and profitability over time.

In all this, we weave in our motto of a winning attitude. Sales is always a craft, so it’s important to implement this into practice as well. We will work with that.

Do you have any tips for other managers in a similar role as yours?
– I think there are many ways to be a good sales manager. My own philosophy is that I work actively with mainly three things:

  • Encouragement – strengthen the self-confidence of every employee.
  • Present in follow-up: Ask how you are doing and show that you care
  • To use feedback clearly. In that aspect I work with self-evaluation and applying a coaching attitude.

I try to clarify the expectations: how we work and why. And not least, encourage your own initiatives.

How does it feel to be named Sales Manager of the Month?
– Fantastic! But I want to emphasize that we are a great team and all parts must be connected and deliver to be successful. We are many who have a part in this success.

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