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As a Key Account Manager, you work with the company’s most important customers. Decisive for your success is not only WHAT you do but also HOW you do it. The KAM assignment requires other skills than the traditional sales assignment. You are expected to be able to analyze the customer and their needs to a greater extent, both strategically and tactically. You need to be able to challenge and develop the customer and the collaboration both in the short and long term. Today’s customers are more educated and make higher demands, which means that you need to carry out professional preparations to ensure that a real value is added throughout the KAM process. In addition to developing the customer dialogue, you as KAM also need to have the ability to lead the internal organization, so that the key customers’ journey through the company is value-creating in every contact. Overall, your business acumen needs to be at a level that the customer perceives as proactive, professional and long-term.

About the program

Here you’ll get the tools, methods and training you need to develop both yourself, your customers and your organization in an effective KAM process. We work through both the tactical and the strategic parts of the key account manager role and dive deep into the key competencies for Key Account Management. This gives you an effective KAM process, which after the training gives you concrete support in your development journey as KAM. The goal of the training is that it should be very clear WHAT you need to do and HOW you can act in a successful way, both in the customer dialogue and in the structure of the company’s most important customers, based on your reality.

3 important parts

Strategic and tactical analysis

To succeed as KAM, you need the right tools to be able to analyze your customer both at a strategic and tactical level. With the right tools, you will be able to ensure that you develop the customer and reach your goals, which in the end is synonymous with your customer reaching their goals.

Develop KAM team

KAM sales are team sales. You need your organization as support and you need to be able to meet the customer on several different levels. During the training, you get tools to map the customer and broaden the network while you get tools to be able to lead your internal KAM team in a successful way. This will give you a solid platform to base your work on.

Develop the customer and broaden the business

As Key Account Manager, you are responsible for developing and broadening the business at the customer. During the training, we go through complex sales strategy and negotiation, which will make you equipped to successfully develop your customers.

From the content:

  • The business of the future
  • Strategic analysis
  • Tactical business analysis
  • Interesting analysis
  • The customer’s purchase and decision process
  • To develop a key account management team
  • To delegate and run projects
  • Goals and goal breakdown
  • Prioritization and time management
  • To develop and broaden the business
  • Complex sales

What distinguishes this program from other trainings on the market?

We use consultants with long personal experience of working in the role of KAM, which means that they can contribute with deep knowledge and their own experiences, thoughts and ideas.

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Key Account Management

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