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filmstaden featured 02 1
filmstaden featured 02 1

“My initial thought was to postpone our planned training when the pandemic struck. I was determined that you have to meet physically for the training effort to be valuable. But after being convinced to try it out, we booked 4 sessions as a pilot. The effect was above expectations, functions such as digital group rooms combined with reviews in a larger forum worked far above expectations.”

Concrete benefits for us:

  • We could run half-day shifts instead of full days, which meant that we got a higher focus and that everyone prioritized the time we set aside.
  • The digital group rooms worked just as well as physical group rooms, where you share a screen instead of writing on flipcharts, which meant that we had digital documentation right from the start.
  • The digital forum allowed more people from our organization to participate, which raised the total basic competence in the company.

The educations were the bright spot of the week in contrast to the isolated and short-term worked reality.

// Leslie Marsden
Head of Sales, Filmstaden

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